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1. an external body part that projects from the body
- it is important to keep the extremities warm
extremity, member
external body part
chelicera, mouthpart, fang, claw, chela,
nipper, pincer, parapodium, fin, swimmeret, pleopod,
limb, digit, dactyl
2. a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant
- a bony process
process, outgrowth
body part
horn, crest, pseudopod, pseudopodium, flagellum,
hair, cirrus, spine, aculea, style, villus,
tail, fetlock, tentacle, arista, acromion, acromial process,
ala, alveolar arch, alveolar ridge, gum ridge, alveolar process, acrosome,
caruncle, caruncula, condyle, coronoid process, processus coronoideus, epicondyle,
fimbria, apophysis, spicule, spiculum, osteophyte, papilla,
appendix, vermiform appendix, vermiform process, cecal appendage, mastoid, mastoid process,
mastoid bone, mastoidal, styloid process, pterygoid process, tuberosity, tubercle,
eminence, zygomatic process, trochanter, transverse process, odontoid process, metaphysis,
olecranon, olecranon process, ridge, excrescence, plant process, enation
3. a part that is joined to something larger
Derivationally related forms:
part, portion
appendicle, handhold, handle, grip, handgrip,
hold, tailpiece

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