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Từ điển Oxford Learners Wordfinder Dictionary
conjure up

summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic (Freq. 5)
- raise the specter of unemployment
- he conjured wild birds in the air
- call down the spirits from the mountain
raise, conjure, invoke, evoke, stir,
call down, arouse, bring up, put forward, call forth
Derivationally related forms:
evocation (for: evoke), invocation (for: invoke), conjurer (for: conjure), conjuration (for: conjure), conjuror (for: conjure), conjury (for: conjure), conjuring (for: conjure)
make, create
curse, beshrew, damn, bedamn, anathemize,
anathemise, imprecate, maledict, bless
Verb Group:
provoke, evoke, call forth, kick up
Verb Frames:
- Somebody ----s something
- Something ----s something

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