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decide S1 W1 /dɪˈsaɪd/ verb
[Word Family: noun: decision, indecision; adverb: decidedly, decisively ≠ indecisively; adjective: decided ≠ undecided, decisive ≠ indecisive; verb: decide]
[date : 1300-1400; Language : French; Origin : décider, from Latin decidere 'to cut off, decide']
to make a choice or judgment about something, especially after considering all the possibilities or arguments ⇨ decision:
  ▪ Has anything been decided yet?
decide to do something
  ▪ Tina’s decided to go to Rome for her holidays.
decide (that)
  ▪ It was decided that four hospitals should close.
decide who/what/whether etc
  ▪ I can’t decide whether I like him or not.
  ▪ People have a right to decide how to spend their own money.
decide between something
  ▪ A meeting was called to decide between the three candidates.
decide for yourself (=make your own decision)
  ▪ You must decide for yourself.
  ▪ The trainees decide among themselves what programs to take.
decide against/in favour of (doing) something
  ▪ He eventually decided against telling her.
  ▪ After a long discussion, they decided in favour of (=chose) the older applicant.

to influence a situation or event so that a particular result is produced:
  ▪ It was the penalty kick that decided the match.

to be the reason for someone making a particular choice:
  ▪ Taxes could be the deciding factor for millions of floating voters.
decide somebody to do something
  ▪ The look he gave her decided her not to ask.

law to make an official or legal judgment:
  ▪ The Commission will have the power to decide disputes.
decide in favour of/against somebody
  ▪ If the Parole Board decides in his favour, the prisoner will be released.
• • •
decide to make a choice to do something :
  ▪ We decided to send our son to a boarding school.
  ▪ I decided to go home early.
make up your mind to decide something, especially after thinking about it for a long time. Make up your mind is less formal than decide and is mainly used in spoken English :
  ▪ Have you made up your mind about where you’ll go on holiday?
choose to do something to decide to do something – especially when this is different from what people expect or tell you to do :
  ▪ She chose to ignore my advice.
  ▪ More young couples are choosing not to marry.
make a decision to decide after thinking carefully about something, especially about something that is very important :
  ▪ They made a decision not to have children.
resolve formal to decide that you will definitely do something, especially because you think it will be better for you, or because of your past experiences :
  ▪ She resolved to work hard at school.
determine formal to officially decide what something shall be :
  ▪ Each hospital can determine its own pay rates.
come down in favour of something British English, come down in favor of something American English to decide to support a particular plan, argument etc – used especially about groups of people :
  ▪ Eight of the ten committee members came down in favour of the changes.
come to/reach a decision to officially decide about something important after discussing and carefully considering it - used especially about groups of people :
  ▪ After two hours of discussion, the comittee had still not come to a decision on any of the proposals.
decide on/upon something phrasal verb
to choose something or someone after thinking carefully:
  ▪ Have you decided on a date for the wedding?

be a matter for sb (to decide) (=be something that a particular person should decide)
This is a matter for the judge.
decide on a date (=choose the date when something will happen)
Have you decided on a date for the wedding yet?
decide/determine the outcome (=be the thing that causes the final result)
This move untimately decided the outcome of the conflict.
At the leadership elections today, it is their votes that will determine the outcome.
decide/settle sb’s/sth’s fate
The meeting will decide the fate of the factory.
The court’s decision settled Anderson’s fate.
decide/settle/resolve an issue (=solve it)
The issue was settled after some tough negotiations.
No deadline has been set to resolve the issue.
determine/decide the course of sth
Don’t let chance decide the course of your career.
the deciding factor (=the reason for making a particular choice)
The closeness of the river was probably the deciding factor when the site was chosen.
The B &038; Q chain has already decided to do so, and Texas Homecare is likely to follow suit.
Others said they have already decided who will get their vote, and the vice presidential selection will not sway their opinion.
Governments have already decided that they can not accept a free currency market.
Fifi had already decided on her baby doll and Carla was going through her private box of jewelry and mementos.
But Hanger had already decided to go back to his prison at Grendon near Aylesbury.
I have already decided to work only four days each week.
Expert groups in many Western countries have already decided to lobby for changes towards a healthier lifestyle without waiting for results.
Paquita had already decided something I was only beginning to imagine.
Both the compromise issue and the cancellation issue were therefore finally decided by the Court of Appeal.
Merrell Dow finally decided the cost of defending itself outweighed the revenue produced by sales of the drug.
This can not be decided finally by the tribunal itself.
She finally decided on the ham, potato salad and deviled eggs.
She finally decided that she would go down to the garden and take a closer look.
Driven to distraction by Rampo, I finally decided to abandon him.
It was during that period that I finally decided to quit.
I finally decided to hide from the world one more night with her, and the morning be damned.
But before raising the money you must decide how much work you are going to do yourself.
People had a right to decide how to spend their money rather than the government.
Candidates, not networks, should decide how to communicate with citizens, the Kentucky Republican said.
From that you will develop a training strategy and then be responsible for deciding how to implement that strategy.
Who gave them the privilege not of working but of deciding how to?
A committee decides how money is distributed but members can choose charities they want to support.
Who decides how resources and goods will be distributed? 5.
If the ombudsman decides the case should be examined, investigators will get to work.
As a result, it decided to review the case on its own motion.
The examining magistrate will decide to send the case to trial, except when proof of innocence is clear.
The illusion that juries are deciding our civil cases is encouraged by the judges themselves.
At the end of the police investigation the suspect must be taken before a prosecutor who decides how the case should proceed.
But then the justices, in turn, would have to accelerate their process to decide the case before their summer recess.
The alternative would be for the Court of Appeal to decide all the matters before it.
If two laws conflict with each other, the courts must decide on the operation of each.
The question of reasonableness would be for the court to decide.
This requirement was the issue in Wilson; the court was asked to decide whether there was a valid offer and acceptance.
Although Faulkner wanted a guarantee that the agreement was constitutionally sound, he was told the Supreme Court would decide.
The Supreme Court is expected to decide later this year whether to hear arguments in the case.
Supreme Court cases were decided differently.
Until the courts do decide these issues, educators are probably best advised to follow the federal guidelines described above.
His luck was in, at least for the moment, but he had already decided not to tempt fate again.
And it seemed right that she should be the one to decide my fate.
Now, it seems, they will decide the fate of his government.
As in most fields, a group of senior people decides the professional fate of everyone, Strominger said.
The next few days could decide the fate of thousands of hard-pressed workers, home owners and firms.
They said public comment will help decide the fate of Fanita Ranch, which covers one-quarter of the city.
It would hand over its property to its constituent republican bodies to decide their fate independently.
An egm to decide the company's fate will be held on Thursday.
She did not admit to herself that to leave it was also to decide the issue in advance.
He may agree, and he is often the one who decides what issues will be dealt with and when.
But late last month, Eckels said he wanted voters to have to decide the issue.
Otherwise, Nero will play at the computer while forests burn, and sentiment rather than science will decide the issue.
In early spring, 1861, the new Confederate government decided to force the issue.
It would be deciding the issue in advance, if she took it.
However, league and player representatives ultimately will decide the issue.
The alternative would be for the Court of Appeal to decide all the matters before it.
It was finally decided to refer the matter to the departmental assemblies.
Under the Bill there will be problems deciding whether the matter has local or national significance.
Although his ministers were never permitted to decide matters on their own account, Victor Amadeus delegated wide administrative powers to them.
It is for individual members and their firms to decide what subject matter is useful and relevant to their needs.
Yet of myself I can not decide the matter.
One tactic she has used is to decide matters outside the formal Cabinet, either in committees or in informal groups.
George Pataki asked Hill to give the governor some time to decide the matter.
Assessing this potential helps the practitioner to decide how best to work with an elder when some breakdown in routine occurs.
It will help him decide, make it real, set this one thing, a place, in his near future.
So they won't even be of any use in helping them decide which subjects to specialise in.
And Sandy helped me decide that I was gon na get it straight.
All these questions can help you decide whether the ad is right or whether it needs changing.
Maybe the headship qualification will help me to decide.
say/think/decide etc otherwise
But he knew that people thought otherwise, and that their false impression was his own fault.
But I wanted to have it on the record, in case any of you think otherwise.
Donald thinks otherwise - and the upshot may be that he will sue.
Many might seek to use the asylum route and, indeed, it would be naive to think otherwise.
People think otherwise, surely, from politicians: more simply, about horror, fear, survival?
The rich supposedly think otherwise -- and manage to pay very little.
To say otherwise would be bitterness and we know better than to surrender.
To think otherwise, it seems, is to reveal oneself as an ignoramus who does not know enough characters.
sb has decided to honour us with their presence
A 3-point basket in the final 5 seconds decided the game.
Citizens must be allowed to decide their own futures.
For a second he thought about using his gun, but decided against it.
Have you decided whether to apply for that job?
I've decided that I really must stop smoking.
I don't mind which restaurant we go to. You decide.
I listened to his story and decided he was probably telling the truth.
I was so tired that I decided against going to the party after all.
If you decide not to accept our offer, let me know.
Martha took hours deciding which dress to wear.
She decided to tell her mother all about it that evening.
She couldn't decide whether the dress suited her or not.
We'll support you whatever you decide.
In the end I decided against it.
It is the children who decide what they will communicate about.
Or maybe you saw too much emotion around you and decided to avoid it to stay safe.
She decided she could live on her reserves for a few hours, and went back to the hospital.
The Court of Appeal had two reasons for deciding that Rule 1 did not apply.
The parents decided that Sean might be more successful elsewhere, so they enrolled him in a recommended local private school.
When you go to a place called Texas Bone, deciding what to order becomes a moot point.
Wyatt decided to change the subject.

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