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1 feeling sth through your skin or fingers
2 feelings in your body
other senses
emotions EMOTION
thinking and having opinions THINK, OPINION

1 feeling sth through your skin or fingers
- to be aware of sth through your skin or fingers: feel* sth
Tell me if you can feel this. He felt something dripping on his head.
- the ability to feel things through your skin and fingers: (sense of) touch
Blind people rely heavily on their sense of touch.
- to put a part of your body, usually your fingers, on sth: touch (sth); an act of doing this: touch
Don't touch! It's hot. I touched her skin and could feel how hot and feverish she was. He could feel the touch of the cold metal on his skin.
- to learn about sth by touching it with your hands: feel* sth
The doctor felt my stomach and took my temperature.
- to find the correct way to go somewhere in the dark by feeling things: feel* your way
I felt my way along the corridor until I reached the window.
- to have a particular physical quality when touched: feel* + adjective, feel* like sth; this quality: feel, texture
to feel hard/soft/smooth/rough It was a very old piece of wood and felt just like stone. I don't like the feel of this jacket - it irritates my skin. the texture of dried mud
- giving pleasure through the senses: sensuous
the sensuous pleasure of silk sheets
※ more on touching TOUCH

2 feelings in your body
- to be aware of your physical condition: feel* + adjective, feel* sth; what you feel: feeling, sensation
I feel sick. As I reached the top of the stairs, I began to feel dizzy. to feel comfortable/uncomfortable She could feel her skin burning. I felt a pain in my toe. a feeling of hunger a pleasant feeling I woke up after experiencing a strange flying sensation.
- if you have the impression of sth happening, you feel* as if/as though ※€¦, or it feels* (to you) as if/as though ※€¦
I felt as though I'd been walking for hours.
- the ability to feel in your body: feeling (noun U)
After the injection, you'll have no feeling in your toe for about an hour.
※ feeling pain PAIN
- feeling ill ILLNESS
- feelings on the skin SKIN

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