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1 being injured
2 different kinds of injury
3 dealing with injuries
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1 being injured
- to cause physical damage to your body, especially in an accident: hurt* sb/sth, injure sb/sth; noun (C/U): injury
I fell and hurt my arm. Several people were injured when the bus crashed. Luckily, his injuries weren't serious. internal injuries (= to the inside of your body)
She was lucky to escape injury.
- the bad effect of an accident, illness, etc: harm (noun U); verb: harm sb/sth
He fell off his bike but fortunately did not come to any serious harm.
- something that can cause injury or illness is dangerous, harmful; opposite: harmless
dangerous sports harmless activities
※ dangerous situations DANGEROUS
Note: hurt and injure are similar in meaning, but hurt can be used in less serious situations. Harm is not used for describing a physical injury but for any kind of bad effect.
- an injury (caused by a knife, a gun, etc), often received in fighting: wound; to cause a wound: wound sb (usually passive)
a bullet wound He died of his wounds. Many soldiers were wounded in the battle.
- if you injure yourself or part of your body, you are injured, hurt (not before a noun); opposite: unhurt (not before a noun)
The injured passengers were taken to hospital. The doctor treated his injured leg. No one was seriously injured. Was anyone hurt? I was frightened but unhurt.
- if the effects of an injury last for some time, the part can be called bad
He's had a bad leg ever since that fall last year.
- an injury that causes death is fatal (adverb fatally)
fatally injured
※—† people who have been injured
- a person who has been injured in an accident or war: casualty, victim
There were numerous casualties. the victims of road accidents
- people who have been hurt: the injured (noun plural); in a war: the wounded (noun plural)
The injured were taken to hospital.

2 different kinds of injury
※—† cuts
- an injury caused by sth sharp like a knife: cut; verb: cut* sb/sth
I cut my finger with a vegetable knife. a deep/serious cut a slight/superficial cut
- a small cut: scratch; verb: scratch sb/sth
They survived the accident without even a scratch. If you tease the cat it'll scratch you.
- a light cut caused by sth rough moving over the skin: graze; verb: graze sb/sth
She fell over and grazed her knee.
- to damage sb's body badly, often by cutting off parts of it: mutilate sb/sth; noun (U): mutilation
badly mutilated bodies
- to lose blood: bleed*
My finger's still bleeding. I need a bandage.
- an area of dried blood that forms where there has been a cut: scab
- a mark that is left on your skin after a cut or wound has healed: scar; adjective: scarred
The accident left him scarred for life.
※—† bites
- a painful place on the skin caused by the teeth of an animal, insect, etc: bite; verb: bite* sb/sth
She had several nasty bites on her leg.
- a sudden pain that is the result of an insect or plant pushing sth sharp into the skin: sting; verb: sting* sb/sth
I was stung by a wasp.
※—† burns
- an injury caused by fire or heat: burn; verb: burn sb/sth
He'd got a nasty burn on his leg. She was badly burned in the fire.
- an injury caused by very hot liquid: scald; verb: scald sb/sth
※—† being hit
- a dark mark on the skin caused by knocking sth, being hit, etc: bruise; verb: bruise sb/sth
He had several cuts and bruises on his face. I fell over and bruised my arm.
- badly bruised: black and blue
to be beaten black and blue
- a person who has been badly beaten is battered
a refuge for battered wives
- a hard raised place on the skin caused by a blow: bump
a bump on the head
- an injury to the brain caused by a blow to the head: concussion (noun U); verb (usually passive): concuss sb
He was rushed to hospital suffering from concussion. She was badly concussed.
※—† injuries to bones and muscles
- to damage a bone so that it breaks or cracks: break* sth, (formal) fracture sth; noun: fracture
He fell and broke his collar-bone. a hip fracture
- to injure part of your body by bending or turning it suddenly: sprain sth; noun: sprain
She tripped and sprained her ankle. a sprained wrist
- to injure part of your body by using it too much: strain sth
I've strained my back carrying that box.
- to damage a muscle by using too much force: pull a muscle
He pulled a muscle playing football.
※—† injuries that stop your body working well
- an injury that makes you unable to use part of your body properly: disability (noun C/U); having a disability: disabled
He's unable to work because of his disability. a disabled soldier
- to cause an injury that makes you unable to walk: cripple sb
She was crippled in a road accident.
- to walk in an uneven way because of injury: limp; noun (singular): limp
to walk with a limp
- (mainly used about animals) unable to walk properly: lame; noun (U): lameness
a lame horse
- to make a person unable to see: blind sb
He was blinded in a fire at the factory.
- to make a person unable to hear: deafen sb
We were deafened by the explosion.

3 dealing with injuries
- medical help that you give to an injured person before a doctor arrives: first aid (noun U)
to give sb first aid
- a small piece of sticky material that is used to cover a cut: (sticking) plaster (noun C/U)
You need to put a plaster on that cut.
- a long piece of soft white material that is wrapped round a wound or injury: bandage, (more formal) dressing; verb: bandage sth
The nurse bandaged my arm.
- to clean a wound and put a bandage, etc on it: dress sth
- when a wound or cut gets better, it heals
- one of the small pieces of thread that a doctor uses to sew your skin together if you cut yourself very badly: stitch; verb: stitch sth
His arm was so badly cut that he needed several stitches.
※ dealing with broken bones BONE
- taking an injured person to hospital ACCIDENT
- treatment in hospital HOSPITAL
※—† MORE ...
- to ask for money from sb because they have injured you (usually through a court): claim damages/compensation
- to pay sb money because you have injured them: compensate (sb) (for sth)

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