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I - noun
1. sharp piercing cry (Freq. 4)
- her screaming attracted the neighbors
scream, screaming, shrieking, screech, screeching
Derivationally related forms:
screechy (for: screech), screech (for: screech), shriek (for: shrieking), scream (for: screaming), scream (for: scream)
cry, outcry, call, yell, shout, vociferation
2. a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry (Freq. 1)
- he ducked at the screechings of shells
- he heard the scream of the brakes
screech, screeching, shrieking, scream, screaming
Derivationally related forms:
scream (for: screaming), scream (for: scream), screech (for: screeching), screechy (for: screech), screech (for: screech)

II - verb
utter a shrill cry (Freq. 4)
shrill, pipe up, pipe
Derivationally related forms:
shrilling (for: shrill), shrieking
shout, shout out, cry, call, yell,
scream, holler, hollo, squall
yowl, caterwaul
Verb Frames:
- Somebody ----s
- Somebody ----s something
- Somebody ----s that CLAUSE
- The birds shriek in the woods
- The woods shriek with many kinds of birds

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