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1 skin colour
2 feelings on the skin
3 injuries and marks on the skin
4 looking after your skin
5 animal skins
other parts of the body

1 skin colour
- the natural outer covering of a human or animal body: skin (noun U)
- the natural colour and quality of a person's skin or face: complexion
She has a smooth complexion.
- light-coloured skin is fair; opposite: dark
He had very fair skin.
- the colour of a person's skin, showing their racial type: colour (noun U); this colour is usually described as blackwhite
laws against discrimination on grounds of colour black/white people
※—† changes in colour
- having less colour than usual: pale
You're looking a bit pale. Are you ill?
- darker than usual because of spending time in the sun: brown
How did you manage to get so brown?
- when sb's skin turns red, for example because they are embarrassed, they blush
- when sb's skin turns white, for example because they are frightened or ill, they go*/turn white/pale

2 feelings on the skin
- a feeling on your skin that makes you want to rub or scratch it: itch; to have this feeling: itch; adjective: itchy
I've got an itch. I'm itching all over. My arm feels itchy.
- to rub an area of your skin with your fingernails: scratch sth
Can you scratch my back for me? 'Stop scratching!' 'I can't; I'm all itchy.'
- to feel a sensation of sth touching you lightly: tickle; to cause this feeling: tickle sb/sth
My nose is tickling. Stop tickling me!
- feeling painful: sore; noun (U): soreness
a sore place on your skin
- a sudden pain that is the result of an insect or plant pushing sth sharp into the skin: sting
- the liquid that comes out of your skin when you are hot, ill or afraid: sweat (noun U), (formal) perspiration; verbs: sweat, (formal) perspire
I was dripping with sweat. All of us were sweating profusely in the heat of the afternoon sun.
- wet with sweat: sweaty
- small lumps which appear for a short time on your skin when you are ill or frightened: goose-flesh (noun U), goose pimples (AmE goose bumps)(noun plural)

3 injuries and marks on the skin
- to injure your skin because you have rubbed it against sth rough: graze sth, scrape sth; an injury caused in this way: graze, scrape
I grazed my knee when I fell on the pavement. She has a nasty scrape on her arm.
- a mark on your skin that was made by sth sharp: scratch
- a mark that is left on the skin after a cut or wound has healed: scar; to leave a scar on sb: scar sb/sth
He was scarred for life in the accident.
- a small red mark on your skin: spot, pimple; if you have many of these marks, you are spotty, pimply
- a small spot with a black centre: blackhead
- a large painful spot: boil
- a small brown spot: freckle (usually plural); adjective: freckled
covered in freckles a freckled face
- a small dark spot that never goes away: mole
- a small hard lump on your skin: wart
- a small painful area on the skin that looks like a bubble and is caused by sunburn, by wearing shoes that are too tight, etc: blister
These boots give me blisters.
- a place on your skin which hurts a lot because it has become infected: sore
- a skin condition that causes a lot of spots on the face and neck: acne (noun U)
- an area of small red spots that you sometimes get when you are ill or after you have been stung by an insect: rash
- if you suddenly become covered in spots, you come* out in sth, break* out in sth
She came out in a rash. to break out in spots
- lines that appear on your face as you get older: wrinkles, lines; adjective: wrinkled
an old man with a wrinkled face

4 looking after your skin
※—† skin qualities
- if your skin has a flat surface with no lumps, it is smooth; noun (U): smoothness
- if your skin is not smooth, it is rough; noun (U): roughness
- if it is pleasant to touch and not rough, it is soft; noun (U): softness
- if it has no marks on it, it is clear
- a mark on your skin that spoils your appearance: blemish
※—† skin treatment
- substances that are used to make the skin look attractive: cosmetics (noun plural)
- a liquid that you use on your skin: lotion (noun U)
body lotion
- a substance that you put on sore skin to make it heal: ointment (noun U)
※ more on cosmetics COSMETICS
※—† the effect of the sun on skin
- to sit or lie in the sun so that your skin becomes brown: sunbathe
- the brown colour which people get on their skin when they sunbathe: suntan, tan; adjective: suntanned
a good suntan suntanned bodies
- to become burned by the sun: burn, catch* the sun
I usually don't spend much time in the sun as I burn easily. You really have caught the sun, haven't you?
- red painful skin that you get by spending too much time in the sun: sunburn (noun U); suffering from sunburn: sunburnt
- if your skin comes off in small pieces, it peels
My neck caught the sun yesterday and now it is starting to peel.
- an oil or liquid that you put on your skin to reduce the effects of sunburn: suntan oil/lotion/cream (noun U)

5 animal skins
- the skin of a goat: goatskin (noun U); of a sheep: sheepskin (noun U)
- to remove the skin from an animal: skin sth
- the skin of an animal before it has been treated: hide (noun C/U)
- the skin of an animal that has been specially treated: leather (noun U)
- the soft thick hair that covers the bodies of some animals: fur (noun U); adjective: furry
- the outer covering of many fish and reptiles: scales (noun plural); adjective: scaly
※—† MORE ...
- a permanent mark on a person's body, that they were born with: birthmark
- a picture or pattern on a person's skin that is made with a needle and coloured liquid: tattoo
- a piece of living skin that is moved from one part of the body to another in a medical operation: graft
She needed several skin grafts after being badly burned.

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