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- to take sth that belongs to sb else secretly and without permission: steal* sth (from sb/sth), (informal) nick sth (from sb/sth), (informal) pinch sth (from sb/sth); noun (C/U): theft
My car was stolen last night. Who's pinched my cigarettes? an increase in theft in this neighbourhood People are alarmed at the number of thefts.
- a person who steals: thief (plural thieves)
- to go away quickly after stealing sth: make* off with sth, run* off with sth
Thieves made off with ※£60 000 worth of jewellery.
- to enter a building secretly and illegally in order to steal sth from it: burgle sb/sth (AmE burglarize sb/sth); noun (C/U): burglary
We've been burgled five times in the last six months! to commit a burglary
- a person who commits a burglary: burglar
I heard a sound in the middle of the night and I thought it was burglars.
- to enter a building in order to commit a burglary: break* into sth; noun: break-in
There was a break-in next door to us only last week, but nothing was taken.
- the crime of stealing sth from a shop while pretending to be a customer: shoplifting (noun U)
- a person who steals from shops: shoplifter
- to attack a person or a building in order to steal sth, usually money, from them: rob sb/sth (of sth); noun (C/U): robbery
A gang of five men robbed the bank. I was robbed of my handbag in the middle of the street. armed robbery
- a person who robs sb: robber
a bank robber an armed robber
- to rob sth using a gun, etc: hold* sth up; noun: hold-up
Four masked men held up a bank in Norwich this morning.
- to attack sth in order to steal from it: raid sth; noun: raid (on sth)
a bank raid
- to steal things during a period of fighting: loot (sth)
The riots were followed by looting.
- to attack and rob sb in the street: mug sb; noun(C/U): mugging
fear of being mugged
- a person who mugs sb: mugger
- to steal from sb's pocket or bag in a public place: pick sb's pocket
- a person who picks people's pockets: pickpocket
- to drive or ride in a stolen car for fun: joyride; noun (U): joyriding
- a person who does this: joyrider
- to stop a lorry, train, etc in order to steal goods from it: hijack sth; noun (C/U): hijacking
- a person who carries out a hijacking: hijacker
- to catch or shoot birds, animals or fish on sb else's land without permission: poach (sth); noun (U): poaching
- a person who poaches: poacher
- an armed robber, usually in a wild place: bandit
Our bus was hijacked by bandits as we drove through the jungle.
- a person who attacks and robs ships at sea: pirate
- a piece of equipment that makes a loud noise if a thief enters a building: burglar alarm

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