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no longer interested in sth INTERESTING
- when you feel that you need to rest or sleep, you are tired, (formal) weary (adverb wearily)
I feel tired. You look tired. She asked wearily if I needed any more help.
- to begin to feel tired: tire; to make sb else feel tired: tire sb
She's very old and tires easily.
- things that make you feel tired are tiring; the feeling of being tired: tiredness (noun U)
a long, tiring walk a tiring day
- extremely tired: exhausted, worn out, tired out
I was exhausted after running all the way home. She was simply worn out from doing everything herself.
- the feeling of being very tired: exhaustion (noun U); things that make you feel like this are exhausting
to be in a state of exhaustion I've had an exhausting morning. an exhausting job
- when you feel tired and ready to go to sleep, you are sleepy (adverb sleepily)
He looked up sleepily and asked what time it was.
- very sleepy: drowsy; this feeling: drowsiness (noun U)
The heat in here is making me drowsy. Do these tablets cause drowsiness?
- if you feel tired and generally unhealthy because you are too busy, you are run down
She needs a holiday - she's looking terribly run down.
- if you are tired because you have travelled a long way by plane to a place where the local time is different, you are jet-lagged; this kind of tiredness: jet lag (noun U)
Do you feel jet-lagged at all? to suffer from jet lag
※—† what you do if you are tired
- to open your mouth and breathe in deeply when you are tired or bored: yawn; this action: yawn
Stop yawning!
- if you let out a long, deep breath that shows that you are tired, sad, etc, you sigh; noun: sigh
That was a big sigh - what's the matter with you?
- a period of no activity: rest (noun C/U)
I need a rest. She's having a rest. Try to get some rest.
- to do less or to do nothing after being active: rest; to allow a part of your body to rest: rest sth
Rest here for a while. If you rest your eyes, your headache will probably go away.
- an evening when you go to bed earlier than usual: early night
I'm exhausted - I think I'll have an early night.
※ resting and sleeping REST, SLEEP

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