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earn [earn earns earned earning] BrE [ɜːn] NAmE [ɜːrn] verb
1. transitive, intransitive to get money for work that you do
~ (sth) He earns about $40 000 a year.
She earned a living as a part-time secretary.
She must earn a fortune (= earn a lot of money).
All the children are earning now.
~ sb sth His victory in the tournament earned him $50 000.
2. transitive ~ sth to get money as profit or interest on money you lend, have in a bank, etc
Your money would earn more in a high-interest account.
3. transitive to get sth that you deserve, usually because of sth good you have done or because of the good qualities you have
~ sth He earned a reputation as an expert on tax law.
As a teacher, she had earned the respect of her students.
I need a rest. I think I've earned it, don't you?
She's having a well-earned rest this week.
~ sb sth His outstanding ability earned him a place on the team.
more at win/earn your spurs at spur n.
Idioms:earn a crust earn your keep
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
Old English earnian, of West Germanic origin, from a base shared by Old English esne ‘labourer’.

earn verb
1. T, I
She earns about £25 000 a year.
make • • bring (sb) in sth • • gross • • net • • profit • |informal pull sth in • |often disapproving pocket • |informal, often disapproving rake sth in
earn/make/bring in/gross/net/pull in/pocket/rake in $100 000 a year
earn/make money/a living/a fortune
Earn or make? Earn emphasizes the work you have to do to get the money. Use make if the money comes as interest or profit, and the subject is a person; if the subject is a business, use either word
•She made a fortune on the stock market.
• The plant will make/earn £95 million for the UK.
2. T
As a teacher, she earned the respect of her students.
win • • gain • • get • |formal secure
earn/win/gain/get/secure support/approval
earn/win/gain respect/admiration
earn/gain notoriety/a reputation
3. T
I need a rest. I think I've earned it.
deserve • |formal merit
earn/deserve a rest/drink
deserve/merit attention/consideration/recognition/a mention
Earn or deserve? Deserve can be used to talk about either sth pleasant sb should have for doing good, or a punishment for sth bad; earn is only used to talk about sth good.

earn money/cash/(informal) a fortune
make money/a fortune/(informal) a killing on the stock market
acquire/inherit/amass wealth/a fortune
build up funds/savings
get/receive/leave (sb) an inheritance/a legacy
live on a low wage/a fixed income/a pension
get/receive/draw/collect a pension
depend/be dependent on (BrE) benefits/(NAmE) welfare/social security
spend money/your savings/(informal) a fortune on…
invest/put your savings in…
throw away/waste/ (informal) shell out money on…
lose your money/inheritance/pension
use up/ (informal) wipe out all your savings
pay (in) cash
use/pay by a credit/debit card
pay by/make out a/write sb a/accept a (BrE) cheque/(US) check
change/exchange money/currency (BrE) traveller's cheques/(US) traveler's checks
give/pay/leave (sb) a deposit
have/hold/open/close/freeze a bank account/an account
credit/debit/pay sth into/take money out of your account
deposit money/funds in your account
withdraw money/cash/£30 from an ATM, etc.
(formal) make a deposit/withdrawal
find/go to/use (especially NAmE) an ATM/(BrE) a cash machine/dispenser
be in credit/in debit/in the black/in the red/overdrawn
Personal finance
manage/handle/plan/run/ (especially BrE) sort out your finances
plan/manage/work out/stick to a budget
offer/extend credit (to sb)
arrange/take out a loan/an overdraft
pay back/repay money/a loan/a debt
pay for sth in (especially BrE) instalments/(NAmE usually) installments
Financial difficulties
get into debt/financial difficulties
be short of/ (informal) be strapped for cash
run out of/owe money
face/get/ (informal) be landed with a bill for £…
can't afford the cost of…/payments/rent
fall behind with/ (especially NAmE) fall behind on the mortgage/repayments/rent
incur/run up/accumulate debts
tackle/reduce/settle your debts

Example Bank:
‘I feel I've really earned this, ’ she said, taking up her mug of tea.
First you have to earn their respect.
He deservedly earned the admiration of his colleagues.
He went on to earn a PhD in astronomy from the University of Maryland.
She reportedly earns more than $475 000 a year
The company expects to earn €600 million on sales.
The workers barely earn enough to live on.
his ability to earn a living lecturing
profits earned from real estate sales
the difficulty of earning a living as an artist
the opportunity to earn more money
All her children are earning now.
All this new technology will have to earn its keep.
As a teacher, she had earned the respect and admiration of her students.
He was willing to earn his keep.
Her outstanding ability earned her a place on the team.
His victory in the tournament earned him $50 000.
I need a drink. I think I've earned it, don't you?
I've been an actor for 20 years, earning a crust wherever I can.
She's having a well-earned rest this week.
The plant will make/earn £950 million for the UK.

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