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flood [flood floods flooded flooding] noun, verb BrE [flʌd] NAmE [flʌd]
1. countable, uncountable a large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry
The heavy rain has caused floods in many parts of the country.
flood damage
Police have issued flood warnings for Nevada.
an appeal to help flood victims
the Thames flood barrier
The river is in flood (= has more water in it than normal and has caused a flood).
see also flash flood  
2. countable ~ (of sth) a very large number of things or people that appear at the same time
a flood of complaints
a flood of refugees
The child was in floods of tears (= crying a lot).  
3. the Floodsingular the great flood that covered the world in the Bible story
before the Flood (= a very long time ago)

Word Origin:
Old English flōd, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vloed and German Flut, also to ↑flow.

flood noun
1. C, U
Rain caused floods in many areas.
flash flood • • torrent • • tidal wave • • tsunami • |especially written deluge
cause a flood/flash flood/tidal wave/tsunami
floods/flash floods/a tidal wave/a tsunami hit/hits sth
a flood/tidal wave/tsunami destroys sth
2. C (usually followed by ‘of’)
A flood of phone calls followed the broadcast.
stream • • barrage • • torrent • |written shower • • hail • • outpouring
a flood/stream/torrent of words
a flood/stream of calls
floods/a torrent of tears
unleash a flood/barrage/torrent of sth

Example Bank:
No one knew that the flood was coming.
She was inundated by floods of fan mail.
The fields were inundated by heavy floods.
The flood caused widespread destruction.
The floods are slowly subsiding.
The little girl was in floods of tears.
The river was in full flood.
This summer the region was struck by devastating floods.
Writing about St. John's brings back a flood of nostalgic memories.
a great flood of refugees
A great flood of anger washed through him.
Authorities are struggling to cope with the flood of refugees.
Conversation returned, a trickle breaking into a flood.
The building was evacuated as flood water filled the basement.
The insurance does not cover flood damage to gates, hedges or fences.
They took on temporary workers in anticipation of a flood of calls.
Derived Words:flooded flooding
Derived:flood somebody out
1. intransitive, transitive if a place floods or sth floods it, it becomes filled or covered with water
The cellar floods whenever it rains heavily.
~ sth If the pipe bursts it could flood the whole house.  
2. intransitive, transitive to become so full that it spreads out onto the land around it
When the Ganges floods, it causes considerable damage.
~ sth The river flooded the valley.  
3. intransitive ~ in/into/out of sth to arrive or go somewhere in large numbers
Syn: pour
Refugees continue to flood into neighbouring countries.
Telephone calls came flooding in from all over the country.
4. transitive, usually passive ~ sb/sth with sth to send sth somewhere in large numbers
The office was flooded with applications for the job.
We've been flooded with complaints.
5. transitive to become or make sth become available in a place in large numbers
~ sth Cheap imported goods are flooding the market.
~ sth with sth A man who planned to flood Britain with cocaine was jailed for 15 years.  
6. intransitive, transitive to affect sb suddenly and strongly
+ adv./prep. A great sense of relief flooded over him.
Memories of her childhood came flooding back.
~ sb with sth The words flooded him with self-pity.  
7. intransitive, transitive to spread suddenly into sth; to cover sth
+ adv./prep. She drew the curtains and the sunlight flooded in.
~ sth She looked away as the colour flooded her cheeks.
be flooded with sth The room was flooded with evening light.  
8. intransitive, transitive ~ (sth) if an engine floods or if you flood it, it becomes so full of petrol/gas that it will not start
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
Old English flōd, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vloed and German Flut, also to ↑flow.

flood verb
1. I
The river flooded, causing immense destruction.
overflow • • burst its banks
a river floods/overflows/bursts its banks
2. I (always used with an adverb or preposition)
Refugees continued to flood into neighbouring countries.
pour • • stream • • surge • |informal pile • |often disapproving swarm
flood/pour/stream/surge/pile/swarm into sth
flood/pour/stream/swarm out of sth
come flooding/pouring/streaming in/out
Flood or pour? Flood places more emphasis on the large numbers of people or things involved; pour emphasizes that the action continues over a period of time.

Example Bank:
The area near the river is liable to flood.
The village had been badly flooded.
Telephone calls came pouring/flooding in from all over the country.
We've been flooded with complaints.


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