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Từ điển Oxford Advanced Learner 8th

fussy [fussy fussier fussiest] BrE [ˈfʌsi] NAmE [ˈfʌsi] adjective (fuss·ier, fussi·est)
1. too concerned or worried about details or standards, especially unimportant ones
fussy parents
~ (about sth) Our teacher is very fussy about punctuation.
She's such a fussy eater.
‘Where do you want to go for lunch?’ ‘I'm not fussy (= I don't mind).’
2. doing sth with small, quick, nervous movements
a fussy manner
the quick, fussy movements of her small hands
3. having too much detail or decoration
The costume designs are too fussy.
Derived Words:fussily fussiness

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