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or·ches·tra [orchestra orchestras] BrE [ˈɔːkɪstrə] NAmE [ˈɔːrkɪstrə] noun
1. countable + singular or plural verb a large group of people who play various musical instruments together, led by a ↑conductor
She plays the flute in the school orchestra.
the Scottish Symphony Orchestra
The competition gave the young composer her first opportunity to write for a full orchestra.
see also chamber orchestra, ↑symphony orchestra
2. the orchestrasingular (NAmE) (BrE the ˈorchestra stalls, the stalls)the seats that are nearest to the stage in a theatre
See also:orchestra stalls

Word Origin:
early 17th cent.: via Latin from Greek orkhēstra, from orkheisthai ‘to dance’.

Example Bank:
The full orchestra includes two harps.
The full orchestra includes two pairs of French horns.
The orchestra struck up a lively march.
the Ulster Orchestra under Philip Ledger

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