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shoot [shoot shoots shot shooting] verb, noun, exclamation BrE [ʃuːt] NAmE [ʃuːt]
verb (shot, shotBrE [ʃɒt] ; NAmE [ʃɑːt] ) 
1. intransitive, transitive to fire a gun or other weapon; to fire sth from a weapon
Don't shoot— I surrender.
~ (sth) (at sb/sth) troops shooting at the enemy
The police rarely shoot to kill (= try to kill the people they shoot at).
~ sth (from sth) He shot an arrow from his bow.
They shot the lock off (= removed it by shooting).
2. transitive to kill or wound a person or an animal with a bullet, etc
~ sb/sth/yourself A man was shot in the leg.
He shot himself during a fit of depression.
The guards were ordered to shoot on sight anyone trying to escape.
~ sb/sth + adj. Three people were shot dead during the robbery.
3. transitive, intransitive ~ (sth) (of a gun or other weapon)to fire bullets, etc
This is just a toy gun— it doesn't shoot real bullets.  
4. transitive, intransitive ~ (sth) to hunt and kill birds and animals with a gun as a sport
to shoot pheasants
They go shooting in Scotland.  
5. intransitive, transitive to move suddenly or quickly in one direction; to make sb/sth move in this way
+ adv./prep. A plane shot across the sky.
His hand shot out to grab her.
Flames were shooting up through the roof.
• (figurative)The band's last single shot straight to number one in the charts.
~ sth + adv./prep. He shot out his hand to grab her.  
6. intransitive to move suddenly and quickly and be very sharp
a shooting pain in the back
+ adv./prep. The pain shot up her arm.  
7. transitive, no passive to direct sth at sb suddenly or quickly
~ sth at sb Journalists were shooting questions at the candidates.
She shot an angry glance at him.
~ sb sth She shot him an angry glance.  
8. intransitive, transitive to make a film/movie or photograph of sth
Cameras ready? OK, shoot!
~ sth (+ adv./prep.) Where was the movie shot?
The movie was shot in black and white.  
9. intransitive, transitive (in football ( soccer ), hockey, etc.)to try to kick, hit or throw the ball into a goal or to score a point
~ (at sth) He should have shot instead of passing.
• (especially NAmE)~ sth After school we'd be on the driveway shooting baskets (= playing ↑basketball ).
10. transitive ~ sth (informal) (in ↑golf)to make a particular score in a complete ↑round or competition
She shot a 75 in the first round.  
11. transitive ~ sth (especially NAmE)to play particular games
to shoot pool
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
Old English scēotan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch scieten and German sciessen, also to ↑sheet, the noun ↑shot, and ↑shut.

shoot verb
1. I, T
Don't shoot— I surrender.
fire • • open fire • • launch
shoot/fire at sb/sth
shoot/fire blanks/bullets/arrows sb
a gun shoots/fires
2. I, T (always used with an adverb or preposition)
A cat shot out into the road in front of the car.
fly • • flash • • streak • • hurtle • • speed • |especially BrE career • |informal zoom • |informal, especially BrE whizz • |informal, especially AmE whiz
shoot/fly/flash/streak/hurtle/speed /career /zoom/whizz down/across (sth)
shoot/fly/flash/streak/hurtle/speed/zoom/whizz past (sb/sth)
shoot/fly/hurtle/speed/career/zoom off

War and peace
Starting a war
declare/make/wage war (on sb/sth)
go to war (against/with sb)
cause/spark/provoke/foment/quell unrest
incite/lead/crush/suppress a revolt/rebellion
launch/mount/carry out a surprise/terrorist attack
prevent/halt/represent an escalation of the conflict
be torn apart by/be on the brink of civil war
enter/invade/occupy sb's territory
lead/launch/resist/repel an invasion
Military operations
adopt/develop/implement/pursue a military strategy
carry out/execute/perform military operations/manoeuvres/(especially US) maneuvers
send/deploy/station/pull back/withdraw troops
go on/fly/carry out a reconnaissance/rescue mission
train/equip/deploy army/military/combat units
lead/launch/conduct a raid/a surprise attack/an (air/airborne/amphibious) assault (on sb)
employ/use guerrilla tactics
conduct/wage biological/guerrilla warfare
fight/crush/defeat the rebels/the insurgency
suffer/inflict a crushing defeat
achieve/win a decisive victory
halt/stop the British/German/Russian advance
order/force a retreat
join/serve in the army/navy/air force
be/go/remain/serve on active duty
serve/complete/return from a tour of duty
be sent to the front (line)
attack/strike/engage/defeat/kill/destroy the enemy
see/report/be engaged in heavy fighting
call for/be met with armed resistance
come under heavy/machine-gun/mortar fire
fire a machine-gun/mortar shells/rockets (at sb/sth)
shoot a rifle/a pistol/bullets/missiles
launch/fire a cruise/ballistic/anti-tank missile
use biological/chemical/nuclear weapons
inflict/suffer/sustain heavy losses/casualties
be hit/killed by enemy/friendly/artillery fire
become/be held as a prisoner of war
Civilians in war
harm/kill/target/protect innocent/unarmed civilians
cause/avoid/limit/minimize civilian casualties/collateral damage
impose/enforce/lift a curfew
engage in/be a victim of ethnic cleansing
be sent to an internment/a concentration camp
accept/house/resettle refugees fleeing from war
fear/threaten military/violent reprisals
commit/be accused of war crimes/crimes against humanity/genocide
Making peace
make/bring/win/achieve/maintain/promote peace
call for/negotiate/broker/declare a ceasefire/a temporary truce
sign a ceasefire agreement
call for/bring/put an end to hostilities
demand/negotiate/accept the surrender of sb/sth
establish/send (in) a peacekeeping force
negotiate/conclude/ratify/sign/accept/reject/break/violate a peace treaty

Language Bank:
Describing an increase
Student numbers in English language schools in this country increased from 66 000 in 2008 to just over 84 000 in 2009.
The number of students increased by almost 30% compared with the previous year.
Student numbers shot up / increased dramatically in 2009.
The proportion of Spanish students rose sharply from 5% in 2008 to 14% in 2009.
There was a significant rise in student numbers in 2009.
The 2009 figure was 84 000, an increase of 28% on the previous year.
The 2009 figure was 84 000, 28 per cent up on the previous year.
As the chart shows, this can partly be explained by a dramatic increase in students from Spain.
Language Banks at ↑expect, ↑fall, ↑illustrate, ↑proportion

Example Bank:
Any intruders will be shot on sight.
Four policemen were fatally shot in the incident.
Four protestors were shot and killed by police.
He accidentally shot himself in the foot.
He was shot in the back.
I thought for a moment that he was going to shoot.
If caught, the men could be summarily shot as spies.
If they shoot, we shoot back.
She practised for days until she could shoot straight.
She was shot to death for a crime she did not commit.
She was shot with a small automatic pistol.
The airliner was shot down near Korea.
The police shot him dead.
The soldiers shot back at invading planes with rifles.
The soldiers were shooting at a target.
The soldiers were told to shoot to kill.
Troops shot into the air to stop the rioting.
a shoot-to-kill policy
A cat shot out into the road in front of him.
Does this gun actually shoot?
Don't shoot— I surrender.
Have you ever shot a gun before?
He shot an arm out to stop her.
He was involved in a serious shooting incident.
I saw someone shooting past the window.
The guards were ordered to shoot on sight anyone trying to escape.
The police rarely shoot to kill.
They began shooting at the enemy.
This is just a toy gun — it doesn't shoot real bullets.
Idioms:have shot your bolt like shooting fish in a barrel shoot from the hip shoot it out shoot the bull shoot the messenger shoot the rapids shoot your mouth off shoot yourself in the foot shot of somebody
Derived:shoot for something shoot off shoot somebody down shoot something off shoot something up shoot through shoot up
1. the part that grows up from the ground when a plant starts to grow; a new part that grows on plants or trees
new green shoots
bamboo shoots  
2. an occasion when sb takes professional photographs for a particular purpose or makes a film/movie
a fashion shoot
see also photo shoot  
3. (especially BrE)an occasion when a group of people hunt and shoot animals or birds for sport; the land where this happens

Word Origin:
Old English scēotan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch scieten and German sciessen, also to ↑sheet, the noun ↑shot, and ↑shut.

Example Bank:
He goes out on shoots with very little equipment.
He was shot in the face while on a game shoot.
Keep the bulbs in a cool dark place until shoots appear.
These shrubs will need more light to produce flowering shoots.
This plant has no shoots yet.
This plant hasn't got any shoots yet.
a cover shoot for the September issue of Cosmopolitan
a five-day photo shoot in Cyprus

1. (NAmE)used to show that you are annoyed when you do sth stupid or when sth goes wrong (to avoid saying ‘ shit ’)
Shoot! I've forgotten my book!
2. (especially NAmE)used to tell sb to say what they want to say
You want to tell me something? OK, shoot!

Word Origin:
Old English scēotan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch scieten and German sciessen, also to ↑sheet, the noun ↑shot, and ↑shut.

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