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sta·dium [stadium stadiums stadia] BrE [ˈsteɪdiəm] NAmE [ˈsteɪdiəm] noun (pl. sta·diumsor sta·diaBrE [ˈsteɪdiə] ; NAmE [ˈsteɪdiə] )
a large sports ground surrounded by rows of seats and usually other buildings
a football/sports stadium
an all-seater stadium

Word Origin:
late Middle English (originally referring to an ancient Roman or Greek measure of length): via Latin from Greek stadion. The current sense dates from the mid 19th cent.

Example Bank:
The Reds are building a new stadium.
Thousands packed into the stadium to watch the final.
the home stadium of the New York Giants
It is a domed stadium with artificial turf.
They're planning to turn the football ground into an all-seater stadium.
Thousands of football fans packed into the stadium to watch the game.

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