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1. all the plant life in a particular region or period
- Pleistocene vegetation
- the flora of southern California
- the botany of China
vegetation, flora
fauna (for: flora)
Derivationally related forms:
vegetate (for: vegetation), vegetational (for: vegetation)
plant, flora, plant life
Members of this Topic:
mown, cut, unmown, uncut, sprouted,
dried-up, sere, sear, shriveled, shrivelled, withered
collection, aggregation, accumulation, assemblage
browse, brush, brushwood, coppice, copse,
thicket, growth, scrub, chaparral, bush, stand,
forest, wood, woods, shrubbery, garden, brier,
brierpatch, brier patch, groundcover, ground cover
Member Holonyms:
biota, biology
2. the branch of biology that studies plants
Derivationally related forms:
phytologist (for: phytology), botanic, botanical, botanist, botanize, botanise
Members of this Topic:
acroscopic, basiscopic, acropetal, basipetal, basifixed,
comate, comose, comal, carpellate, pistillate, acarpelous,
acarpellous, cauline, radical, basal, caulescent, stemmed,
acaulescent, stemless, outward-developing, inward-developing, chlamydeous, achlamydeous,
brachiate, cyclic, acyclic, annual, one-year, biennial,
two-year, perennial, determinate, cymose, indeterminate, racemose,
dextrorse, dextrorsal, sinistrorse, sinistrorsal, precocious, autogamous,
autogamic, endogamous, endogamic, exogamous, exogamic, fastigiate,
aerial, antheral, staminate, monoclinous, diclinous, capsulate,
capsulated, opposite, paired, alternate, ariled, arillate,
foliate, foliolate, aphyllous, scapose, bilabiate, two-lipped,
cancellate, cancellated, clathrate, terete, torulose, simple,
unsubdivided, compound, aggregate, double, single, bullate,
imbricate, imbricated, squamulose, rugose, smooth, rough,
convolute, convoluted, involute, rolled, bifid, pentamerous,
trifid, assurgent, ligneous, herbaceous, alliaceous, apogamic,
apogametic, apogamous, apomictic, apomictical, apothecial, archegonial,
archegoniate, archesporial, aroid, araceous, arthrosporic, arthrosporous,
asclepiadaceous, ascocarpous, ascosporic, ascosporous, autotrophic, autophytic,
heterotrophic, axile, axial, basidiomycetous, basidiosporous, bicapsular,
calyceal, calycine, calycinal, cambial, capsular, composite,
homostylous, homostylic, homostyled, panicled, self-pollinating, umbelliform,
umbelliferous, cruciferous, tomentose, epiphytic, lithophytic, myrmecophytic,
bladed, spicate, axillary, alar, paniculate, phyllodial,
involucrate, bryophytic, plant, flora, plant life, etiolation,
dissilience, estivation, aestivation, division, venation, vernation,
scurf, naturalist, natural scientist, Plantae, kingdom Plantae, plant kingdom,
style, germ tube, pollen tube, peristome, embryo, corolla,
corona, calyx, lip, papilla, pitcher, apophysis,
callus, blister, coma, phloem, bast, root,
taproot, spike, node, leaf node, lobe, ligule,
apogamy, cohesion, foliation, leafing, parthenocarpy, phytohormone,
plant hormone, growth regulator, phellem, cork, sporulate, invaginate
biology, biological science
mycology, pomology, paleobotany, palaeobotany, phycology,
algology, pteridology

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