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a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
mathematics, math
Derivationally related forms:
mathematical (for: mathematics), mathematician (for: mathematics)
science, scientific discipline
Members of this Topic:
idempotent, combinatorial, continuous, discontinuous, commutative,
direct, inverse, dividable, undividable, indivisible by, mathematical,
round, representable, linear, additive, nonlinear, monotonic,
monotone, nonmonotonic, open, closed, nonnegative, positive,
negative, disjoint, noninterchangeable, invariant, affine, analytic,
diagonalizable, scalene, isometric, differential, rational, irrational,
prime, bivariate, rounding, rounding error, truncation error, mathematical process,
mathematical operation, operation, rationalization, rationalisation, invariance, accuracy,
symmetry, symmetricalness, correspondence, balance, asymmetry, dissymmetry,
imbalance, factorization, factorisation, factoring, extrapolation, interpolation,
rule, formula, recursion, polynomial, multinomial, series,
infinitesimal, fractal, arithmetic, geometry, affine geometry, elementary geometry,
parabolic geometry, Euclidean geometry, Euclid's axiom, Euclid's postulate, Euclidean axiom, fractal geometry,
non-Euclidean geometry, hyperbolic geometry, elliptic geometry, Riemannian geometry, numerical analysis, spherical geometry,
spherical trigonometry, analytic geometry, analytical geometry, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, solid geometry,
projective geometry, descriptive geometry, trigonometry, trig, algebra, quadratics,
linear algebra, vector algebra, matrix algebra, calculus, infinitesimal calculus, analysis,
differential calculus, method of fluxions, integral calculus, calculus of variations, set theory, subgroup,
group theory, Galois theory, topology, analysis situs, metamathematics, binomial,
proof, equation, expression, mathematical statement, recursive definition, boundary condition,
set, domain, domain of a function, image, range, range of a function,
universal set, mathematical space, topological space, field, matrix, diagonal,
arithmetic progression, geometric progression, harmonic progression, mathematician, cardinality, complex number,
complex quantity, imaginary number, imaginary, radical, mathematical relation, function,
mathematical function, single-valued function, map, mapping, expansion, metric function,
metric, transformation, reflection, rotation, translation, affine transformation,
operator, parity, transitivity, reflexivity, reflexiveness, additive inverse,
multiplicative inverse, reciprocal, plane, sheet, geodesic, geodesic line,
parallel, upper bound, lower bound, ray, osculation, develop,
iterate, commute, transpose, rationalize, rationalise, eliminate,
calculate, cipher, cypher, compute, work out, reckon,
figure, extract, interpolate, extrapolate, differentiate, integrate,
prove, truncate, reduce, converge, diverge, osculate
science, scientific discipline
pure mathematics, applied mathematics, applied math

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