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I - noun
1. a deep prolonged loud noise (Freq. 2)
boom, roar, thunder
Derivationally related forms:
thunderous (for: thunder), thunder (for: thunder), roar, roar (for: roar), boom (for: boom)
2. a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal)
- his bellow filled the hallway
bellow, bellowing, holla, holler, hollering,
hollo, holloa, roar, yowl
Derivationally related forms:
yowl (for: yowl), roar, roar (for: roar), hollo (for: hollo), holler (for: hollering), holler (for: holler), bellow (for: bellowing), bellow (for: bellow)
cry, outcry, call, yell, shout, vociferation

II - adjective
very lively and profitable
- flourishing businesses
- a palmy time for stockbrokers
- a prosperous new business
- doing a roaring trade
- a thriving tourist center
- did a thriving business in orchids
booming, flourishing, palmy, prospering, prosperous, thriving
Similar to:
Derivationally related forms:
prosperity (for: prosperous)

III - adverb
- roaring drunk

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