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see also HAPPEN
- the way in which things happen that you did not expect: chance (noun U)
It was just chance that we met. I came across the letter by chance while I was looking for something else.
- the way in which good or bad things happen by chance: luck (noun U), (more formal) fortune (noun U)
I've had a lot of good/bad luck recently. Things had been going very badly, but a few months ago his luck changed. There's no skill in it - it's just a matter of luck. When we won the first prize, we just couldn't believe our luck. a change of fortune
- the power that some people believe controls everything that happens to you: fate (noun U)
I can't make a decision about this - I'll just leave it to fate.
- a belief that cannot be explained by reason or science: superstition (noun C/U); a person who believes in superstitions is superstitious
He's very superstitious - he never walks under ladders because he believes it's bad luck.
- when two or more things happen at the same time by chance, it is (a) coincidence (noun C/U)
What a coincidence that you both caught the same train!
※—† having good luck
- success or good things that happen by chance: (good) luck (noun U), (more formal) good fortune
I hope you have some luck this time - you deserve it. beginner's luck (= luck that you have when you do sth for the first time)
I had the good fortune to be standing right next to the person who I most wanted to meet.
- to wish sb success: wish sb (good) luck; if you want to wish sb good luck, you can say Good luck!
I've got my driving test this afternoon so wish me good luck! Good luck with your exams!
- a person who has luck is lucky, (more formal) fortunate
They were lucky to survive. You've been very fortunate.
- to be lucky on a particular occasion: be in luck
You're in luck; this is the last one in the shop.
- a thing that brings success or good luck is lucky
What's your lucky number?
- a situation or event that has a good result is lucky (adverb luckily), fortunate (adverb fortunately)
They had a lucky escape. Fortunately, they managed to get out of the boat before it sank.
- something good that happens unexpectedly: stroke of luck
By a stroke of luck, the bus arrived just as it started to rain.
- a lucky thing that happens by accident, not because of skill: fluke
It wasn't a fluke - I could do it again.
※—† having bad luck
- failure or bad things that happen by chance: bad luck (noun U), (more formal) misfortune (noun U)
He's had a lot of bad luck recently.
- something bad that happens unexpectedly: misfortune, bit of bad luck
to suffer a misfortune She's had a bit of bad luck - her car's been stolen.
- not lucky: unlucky, unfortunate (adverb unfortunately)
an unlucky person an unfortunate situation Unfortunately, the train had already left.
- to be unlucky on a particular occasion: be out of luck
I'm afraid you're out of luck; we sold the last one yesterday.
- to be unfortunate for sb: be bad/hard luck (on sb)
It was very hard luck on her that she failed her driving test for a third time.
- to show sympathy when sb has had bad luck, you can say Bad luck
Bad luck, but never mind - you can always try again.
※—† MORE ...
- to wish for success or good luck: (informal) keep* your fingers crossed
'I've got a job interview this afternoon.' 'I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.'
- something that you say while touching sth made of wood in the superstitious hope of avoiding bad luck: touch wood
I've never had anything stolen from me in my life - touch wood.
- something which seems unlucky but turns out to be a good thing: a blessing in disguise
Losing my job turned out to be a blessing in disguise - I've now been offered a much better one.

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