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- a room or building used as a place where written work is done, especially connected with business and administration: office
- a large building which contains just offices: office block
- work that is done in an office is office work (noun U), clerical work (noun U)
- the hours during which business is normally done in an office: office hours (noun plural)
I usually phone her during/outside office hours.
※—† people in offices
- a person who works in an office: office worker, clerical worker
- the group of people who work in an office: office staff (noun U)
- a person who is in charge of an office and tells the other people what to do: boss, office manager
- a person in an office who makes appointments, answers the telephone, writes letters, etc: secretary; adjective: secretarial
secretarial staff secretarial skills
- a secretary who works especially for a senior person in an office, helping to organize their work: personal assistant
- a person whose job it is to keep records, accounts, etc in a bank, shop, etc: clerk
a bank clerk
- a person whose job is to receive clients and to direct them to the right room, office, etc: receptionist
- a person whose job is to connect people through the telephone: telephonist, switchboard operator
※ more on using the telephone TELEPHONE
※—† writing letters, etc and doing paper work
- a kind of table used for writing letters, etc and for doing other office work: desk
- a machine used for writing letters, etc: typewriter
- an electronic machine that can store and arrange information, make calculations and control other machinery: computer
- a kind of small computer used for writing: word processor
- a person in an office who writes letters, etc using a machine: typist
- a person who enters information into a computer: keyboarder
- to write sth using a typewriter or word processor: type (sth)
Could you type this letter for me, please?
- letters, etc that have to be typed: typing (noun U)
My boss came in and said he had a lot of typing for me.
- to say or read aloud a letter, a message, etc, while sb else writes it down: dictate sth
to dictate a letter to a secretary
※ more on writing WRITE
- computers COMPUTER
- an informal written message to sb in another office or department of the same company or organization: memo, (formal) memorandum
- a written description of sth that has been done: report
I'm typing a report on last week's meeting.
- A description of what is said at a meeting: minutes (noun plural)
※ writing and sending letters and other written messages LETTER
- all the written work done in an office: paperwork (noun U)
- a tray on the desk in which letters, memos, etc that have come into the office are put: in-tray
Did you see the note I put in your in-tray?
- a machine which you use to make copies of papers: photocopier
- to copy papers with a photocopier: photocopy sth
- papers which have to be photocopied: photocopying (noun U)
Do you have a lot of photocopying to do?
- a copy of a paper made with a photocopier: photocopy
Could I have two photocopies of this, please?
※ more on copying papers COPY
- more on looking after papers PAPER

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