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pe·cu·li·ar·ity [peculiarity peculiarities] BrE [pɪˌkjuːliˈærəti] NAmE [pɪˌkjuːliˈærəti] noun (pl. pe·cu·li·ar·ities)
1. countable a strange or unusual feature or habit
a physical peculiarity
He was strongly attracted by her peculiarities of dress and behaviour.
2. countable a feature that only belongs to one particular person, thing, place, etc.
Syn: characteristic
the cultural peculiarities of the English
A sharp ringing in the ears is a peculiarity of the disease.
The fish are dependent for survival on the peculiarities of the environment that they live in.
3. uncountable the quality of being strange or unusual

Example Bank:
The area has a few local peculiarities.
Despite its peculiarities the car was very reliable.
Many nicknames describe physical peculiarities.
The problem is to know which features of a plant are individual peculiarities and which are characteristics of the species.

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