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scientific theory

a theory that explains scientific observations
- scientific theories must be falsifiable
big-bang theory, big bang theory, nebular hypothesis, planetesimal hypothesis, steady state theory,
continuous creation theory, theory of gravitation, theory of gravity, gravitational theory, Newton's theory of gravitation, organicism,
atomic theory, cell theory, cell doctrine, wave theory, undulatory theory, wave theory of light,
corpuscular theory, corpuscular theory of light, kinetic theory, kinetic theory of gases, relativity, theory of relativity,
relativity theory, Einstein's theory of relativity, supersymmetry, quantum theory, uncertainty principle, indeterminacy principle,
germ theory, information theory, theory of dissociation, theory of electrolytic dissociation, Arrhenius theory of dissociation, theory of evolution,
theory of organic evolution, evolutionism, theory of indicators, Ostwald's theory of indicators, theory of inheritance, associationism,
associationism, atomism, functionalism, Gestalt psychology, configurationism,
game theory, theory of games
Part Holonyms:
science, scientific discipline

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