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con·ser·va·tion [conservation conservations] BrE [ˌkɒnsəˈveɪʃn] NAmE [ˌkɑːnsərˈveɪʃn] noun uncountable
1. the protection of the natural environment
Syn: conservancy
to be interested in wildlife conservation
Road development in the area has been severely affected by the conservation programmes of the council.
2. the official protection of buildings that have historical or artistic importance
3. the act of preventing sth from being lost, wasted, damaged or destroyed
to encourage the conservation of water/fuel
energy conservation
see also conserve

Word Origin:
late Middle English: from Latin conservatio(n-), from the verb conservare ‘to preserve’, from con- ‘together’ + servare ‘to keep’.

Language Bank:
Giving opinions using impersonal language
It is vital that more is done to prevent the illegal trade in wild animals. (Compare: We have to do more to stop people trading wild animals illegally. )
It is clear that more needs to be done to protect biodiversity. (Compare: We clearly need to do more to protect biodiversity. )
It is unfortunate that the practice of keeping monkeys as pets still continues. (Compare: It's absolutely terrible that people still keep monkeys as pets. )
It is difficult for many people to understand the reasons why certain individuals choose to hunt animals for sport. (Compare: I can't understand why anyone would want to kill animals for fun. )
Unfortunately, it would seem that not enough is being done to support tiger conservation. (Compare: Governments aren't doing enough to help tiger conservation. )
There is no doubt that the greatest threat to polar bears comes from global warming. (Compare: I believe that the greatest threat… )
Language Banks at ↑opinion, ↑perhaps, ↑vital

Example Bank:
Such data can be helpful in evaluating the conservation status of plants.
The commission calls for a bold, new conservation ethic that embraces the oceans as a public trust.
Through the years they have made significant contributions to species conservation.
a large-scale habitat conservation plan
a national park and conservation area
an avid supporter of the conservation movement
practices that are good for the community, such as water efficiency and resource conservation
the history of environmental health and conservation biology
the pledge to develop coral reef conservation strategies
the whole spectrum of conservation concerns
to encourage the conservation of water/fuel

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