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I. noun
an age-old tradition/practice/custom etcBritish English
age-old customs
Customs and Excise
custom/tradition dictates sth
On the island, custom still dictates the roles of men and women.
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
pitch for business/contracts/custom etc
Booksellers are keen to pitch for school business.
tout for business/customBritish English (= look for customers)
Minicab drivers are not allowed to tout for business.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Killing has now become more of a sport, or an adherence to an ancient custom.
It too Superimposed itself on a whole series of ancient beliefs and customs.
And in the village of Marlott, following ancient custom, the young women gathered to dance every holiday.
Indubitable evidences of an ancient custom of ritual regicide have been found over a great portion of the globe.
She sounded really respectful and seemed to have the greatest reverence for that ancient custom.
According to ancient custom it would be possible for Sarah as wife to claim the child as her own.
The ideal scenarios is to buy duty free, and have it arrive untaxed by local customs.
One advantage the United States has is a large core of VietnameseAmericans capable of speaking the language and knowledgeable about local customs.
Imperials both, they did not follow the local custom of farming him out to a neighbour.
It is important that expatriates be fully aware of local customs and their effects on life style.
Before leaving for Brixton, Inspectors should brief their men on local customs and traditions.
Supreme Court judges often had little experience in Sri Lanka, and were unfamiliar with local customs and culture.
Still, better than Patrick Leigh Fermor, endless garbage about local customs, ravishing scenery, enchanting cranky locals.
He resolutely refused to conform to local customs and made not the slightest effort to understand the people.
The growth of industrialisation and Nonconformism resulted in the collapse of the old traditionally supported customs and public charities.
According to an old custom the reliquary of St Genevieve is never exposed without that of St Marcel.
That morning he'd revived an old custom.
I will tell you of my people and of their old customs.
Perhaps because it's an island old customs die hard here.
As is increasingly true everywhere, many of the old customs in Madeira are dying out.
It was an old world custom he adhered to.
For women, the social customs do not seem to permit such a clear distinction between work and leisure.
The myths and rites will be given different interpretations, different rational applications, different social customs to validate and enforce.
Land fragmentation, as a result of inheritance laws and social custom, compounds the widespread problem of small farm size.
In this paper we explicitly consider sociological factors, namely social custom, and the notion of individual commitment.
They had invented a new social custom but they had also annexed a significant part of the working-class experience.
It is social custom as well as genetics.
It also encompasses fashions of clothes and social custom.
Any culture, because it has to retain traditional customs and beliefs, has to be in a sense a conservative institution.
Secondly the traditional dances and customs of a particular country that can give local colour and atmosphere to a plot or theme.
At least Mandru did not expect his Ixmaritians to perform naked, as was the traditional custom.
Mary restored the value of the customs duties.
At that time, all Andean Pact countries are expected to adopt zero customs duties on all imports from other members.
In particular, major tax breaks are planned, including removing customs duties on transport of works of art for exchange exhibitions.
It also announced that it was reducing customs duty on sales from such zones to the domestic market.
More dramatic still was the rise in customs duties.
The Lancastrian monarchy had depended heavily upon the customs duties for its normal revenue.
Taxes and customs duties were raised sharply, but were later scaled down after protests and because of fears of rising inflation.
New customs rates On July 1 new customs duties for Soviet citizens bringing goods into the country came into force.
Working on what in effect was virgin territory for customs officers our crews produced fantastic results in the earlier days.
Lucinda works a version of her Kotex custom officer trick.
Some 4,000 police and customs officers took part and stolen cars, cash and weapons were also seized.
Here, a border guard and two customs officers, all in uniform, came aboard to inspect our documents.
A police officers' strike on May 21 was followed by similar action by firemen and customs officers.
As usual none of the customs officers was armed.
The customs officers run their eyes over us as if we weren't there.
The popular 48 year-old customs officer from Belfast, was found dead in his hotel room.
The customs officials take their jobs very seriously.
Stamping his passport, the customs official had revealed that he was also a registered opponent of the Hinkley C plan.
Until then, only the customs union had been completed.
The document on the formation of a customs union was not unanimously agreed.
States which did not consider a customs union to be necessary could conclude agreements with the customs union on a free-trade zone.
It landed in a land then untouched by Bergerac via Derbyshire and Birmingham to clear customs.
Imperials both, they did not follow the local custom of farming him out to a neighbour.
Without following this Hindu custom, it would be difficult to get the girls married.
And in the village of Marlott, following ancient custom, the young women gathered to dance every holiday.
People often still follow the rather dangerous custom of jumping over these bonfires, especially on the feast of São João.
border/military/customs/police post
Administrative offices and on-campus police posts were damaged by stones and petrol bombs in three Tunis University faculties.
But yesterday at the Hendaye border post, near Bayonne, lorries were passing freely without any form of control.
Deng was made senior deputy premier and soon added party and military posts.
However, he formally accepted the appointment on April 7 after resigning his military posts.
In reality guerrilla action was largely indiscriminate with sporadic attacks on the occasional landlord, local official, or police post.
The border post formalities are quickly completed.
This commemorates the creation in 1829 of a political and military post to govern the islands.
When she first arrived, she had thought the place as orderly as a military post.
clear (sth through) customs
They were clear of Customs by 14.30 with twenty miles to go to Ramsgate.
custom-made/custom-built/custom-designed etc
old habits/traditions/customs die hard
But old habits die hard, and Apple has shown a proclivity to chase market share while hand-wringing over shrinking gross margins.
It was probably unnecessary, she thought, but old habits died hard.
Perhaps because it's an island old customs die hard here.
Things were going well, but old habits die hard.
This is an area where old customs die hard.
In those days it was the custom for farmers to give part of their crop to the lord of the manor.
It is the custom in Japan to take your shoes off when you go into someone's house.
It was his custom to attend Mass every Sunday.
Sadly, a lot of the old customs are now dying out.
The custom of sending birthday cards began in the 19th century.
The service was not very good, so I've decided to take my custom elsewhere.
After the death of Grandfather Palichuk, the custom arose of frequently leaving him at home.
He sat down gloomily behind his desk to await custom.
High customs tariffs and turnover taxes were introduced to prevent a large-scale inflow of consumer goods.
Is there a single frame or context of explanation which will unify the diversities of belief and custom?
It was in fact made without protest and in the ordinary course of customs business.
On the other hand, it was no great sum and Hope's custom had given him publicity.
II. adjective
Temsco also offers custom tours to LeConte Glacier and Mount McKinley.
A $ 40 fare for three hours of skiing covers instructors, lift ticket and custom equipment.
About 80 percent of the business is costuming, and the rest is custom work.
And the custom travel organizer which is this, plus your glamour tray.
Other kinds of sensors, in concert with smart materials, will produce custom systems for a host of problems.
President Robert Zeitsiff, who sent the handyman the catalog, said that the firm makes custom fixtures as well.
Seymour writes custom programs for banks and manages their computer operations.
Should you create custom user profiles or not?


I. custom1 W3 /ˈkʌstəm/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: customary, custom, customizable, accustomed; noun: custom, customer, customs; verb: accustom, customize; adverb: customarily]
[date : 1100-1200; Language : Old French; Origin : custume, from Latin consuetudo, from consuescere 'to make someone used to something']
something that is done by people in a particular society because it is traditional ⇨ tradition
local/ancient/French etc custom
  ▪ The guide offers information on local customs.
it is the custom (for somebody) to do something
  ▪ It’s the custom for the bride’s father to pay for the wedding.
the custom of doing something
  ▪ The custom of naming women after flowers is becoming less common.

formal something that you usually do every day, or in a particular situation SYN habit:
  ▪ He awoke early, as was his custom.

3. customs
a) the place where your bags are checked for illegal goods when you go into a country ⇨ immigration:
  ▪ She was stopped at customs and questioned.
  ▪ It took ages to clear customs (=be allowed through customs) but then we were out of the airport quite quickly.
  ▪ You won’t be able to take that through customs.
b) the government department that checks goods coming into a country and collects any taxes on them:
  ▪ customs officers
  ▪ the US customs service

formal the practice of regularly using a particular shop or business:
  ▪ an advertisement to attract more custom
  ▪ Smaller shops lose a lot of custom when supermarkets open nearby.
• • •
a local custom
  ▪ We were unfamiliar with the local customs.
an old/ancient/age-old custom
  ▪ Here on the island, many of the old customs have survived.
an established custom
  ▪ He had criticized some of the school’s established customs.
a traditional custom
  ▪ The children learn about traditional customs, crafts, music, and dance.
a social custom
  ▪ Our people do not want to imitate western social customs.
a French/Greek etc custom
  ▪ The Spanish custom is to add the mother’s surname after the father’s.
a tribal custom
  ▪ He spoke four African languages and knew most of the tribal customs.
burial customs (=things done when someone dies and is buried)
  ▪ the diversity of burial customs in different parts of the world
follow/observe a custom (=do something that is part of a custom)
  ▪ Following a Chinese custom, Deng changed his given name to mark the occasion.
respect a custom
  ▪ Strangers should respect the customs of the country they are in.
a custom survives (=continues to be followed)
  ▪ The custom of slaughtering an animal to welcome guests still survives in some areas.
a custom dies out/disappears (=gradually stops being done)
  ▪ Sometimes the streets are decorated with flower petals, although this custom is dying out.
• • •
habit something you do regularly, often without thinking about it :
  ▪ Biting your nails is a bad habit.
  ▪ I always go to the same supermarket, out of habit.
mannerism a way of speaking or a small movement of your face or body that is part of your usual behaviour :
  ▪ Even her mannerisms are the same as her sister’s.
custom something that people in a particular society do because it is traditional or the accepted thing to do :
  ▪ In Japan it is the custom to take off your shoes when you enter a house.
tradition a belief, custom, or way of doing something that has existed for a long time :
  ▪ The tradition of giving Easter eggs goes back hundreds of years.
  ▪ In many countries, it’s a tradition for the bride to wear white.
  ▪ It was a family tradition to go for a walk on Christmas Day.
practice something that people often do, especially as part of their work or daily life :
  ▪ The hotel has ended the practice of leaving chocolates in guests’ rooms.

II. custom2 adjective [ONLY BEFORE NOUN] especially American English
[Word Family: adjective: customary, custom, customizable, accustomed; noun: custom, customer, customs; verb: accustom, customize; adverb: customarily]
custom products or services are specially designed and made for a particular person SYN bespoke:
  ▪ His son operates a custom furniture business.

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