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drab/dræb/ adjective
[date : 1500-1600; Origin : drab '(dull-colored) cloth' (16-18 centuries), from Old French drap 'cloth']
1. not bright in colour, especially in a way that stops you from feeling cheerful SYN dull:
  ▪ The walls were painted a drab green.

2. boring SYN dull:
  ▪ people forced to live grey, drab existences in ugly towns

—drabness noun [UNCOUNTABLE]
⇨ dribs and drabs

Paul grew tired of his drab, depressing life.
When I came to Manchester from Brazil everything seemed so drab and colourless.
You enter the drab office building half-expecting it to be abandoned.
Augusta was not at her best yesterday on a drab, grey day.
Canvassing one day in a by-election in Essex, Martin was asked to cover a street of drab brick semis.
I liked the town, for all its drab and muted calm; it seemed a safe place to be.
She seemed to like her drab vista.
Their clothes hung loosely on their frames, drab coats and washed-out dresses covered with a film of dust.
Unfortunately, much of the drab utilitarianism of urban existence has come to be associated with the design philosophy of functionalism.
We figured it was a bonus for having to put up with that drab Sunday issue.

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