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1 accidents in general
2 crashes
3 after an accident
things which happen unintentionally

1 accidents in general
- an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly and causes damage, injury or death: accident
I saw a really bad accident (= traffic accident) on my way home from work today. to have a nasty/serious accident She was involved in a serious accident at work.
- a very bad accident: disaster
a nuclear disaster the Clapham rail disaster (= a train accident at a place called Clapham)
- if you frequently have accidents, you are accident-prone
I've never known anybody so accident-prone - yesterday she fell down the stairs and today she trod on some broken glass.
- to stop an accident happening: prevent sth; noun (U): prevention
People need to be taught how to prevent accidents.
- a kind of contract (= written agreement) in which, in return for regular payment, a company agrees to pay you a sum of money in case you lose sth, become ill, die, etc: insurance (against sth) (noun U)
motor insurance accident insurance
※ more on insurance and preventing accidents INSURANCE, AVOID/PREVENT

2 crashes
- to have an accident in a vehicle: crash (sth); noun: crash
All of a sudden, I realized we were going to crash. Mum, Dad, I'm sorry - I've crashed the car. We were held up by a crash on the motorway. a train/plane crash
- to touch sb or sth with a lot of force: hit* sb/sth
He was hit by a lorry as he was crossing the road.
- to hit sth by accident when you are moving: bump against/into sth
I wasn't looking where I was going and bumped into the door.
- to move with great force into/against/through sth: crash/smash into/against/through sth
The car skidded and smashed through the shop window.
- an accident in which two people or things hit each other violently: collision; verb: collide (with sb/sth)
I collided with another pedestrian as I ran down the street.
- with the front of one car, etc hitting the front of another: head-on (adjective, adverb)
She was involved in a head-on collision with another car. We collided head-on.
- a crash that involves several cars, etc: pile-up
There was a big pile-up involving two lorries and four cars on the M4 last week.
- to turn over so that the top is at the bottom: overturn
The car hit the lorry and then overturned.
- to hit sb with a car: run* sb over, knock sb down
A car came speeding round the corner and knocked down an old lady who was crossing the road.
- a driver who knocks sb down and does not stop to see if they are hurt: hit-and-run driver; an accident where this happens: hit-and-run accident
The police are looking for a young man after a hit-and-run accident last night.
- when a train comes off the railway track, it is derailed
- a train crash in which a train comes off the track: derailment
- when an aircraft falls from the sky, it crashes, comes* down
The plane ran out of fuel and came down in the sea.

3 after an accident
※—† damage
- to make sth useless or not as good as before: damage sth; the effect of damaging sth: damage (noun U)
- a hollow place in the surface of sth that is the result of sth hitting it hard: dent; verb: dent sth
I bumped into a lamp post in my car and dented the bonnet.
- pieces from sth that has crashed or been destroyed: debris (noun U)
Debris was scattered right across the road.
※—† injury
- physical damage caused to a person or animal, especially in an accident: injury (noun C/U)
Ten people were taken to hospital with serious injuries.
- a condition of extreme weakness caused by damage to the body or by seeing or being part of a bad accident: shock (noun U); suffering from shock: in shock
Nobody was hurt as a result of the accident but three people were being treated for shock.
- a person who is killed or seriously injured in an accident: casualty
It was a serious accident, with numerous casualties. the casualty list (= the list of people hurt in an accident)
※ more on injuries INJURY
※—† help
- to save sb/sth from sth that is dangerous or unpleasant: rescue sb/sth (from sb/sth); noun: rescue; a person who does this: rescuer
Five men have been rescued from a blazing oil platform. I want to thank my rescuers.
- the official services (fire, police and ambulance) that give help after an accident: the rescue services
- a special motor vehicle for taking injured people to and from hospital: ambulance
- a piece of cloth supported by two poles that is used for carrying a person who has been injured in an accident: stretcher
- a person who has had special training in caring for people who are ill or hurt. They often travel in ambulances and go to people injured in an accident: paramedic
- a way of restoring sb's breath to save their life after a bad accident: kiss of life
He was pulled out of the water and given the kiss of life.
※ the fire service FIRE
- the police POLICE

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