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I - noun
1. shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception
craft, craftiness, foxiness, guile, slyness, wiliness
Derivationally related forms:
wily (for: wiliness), sly (for: slyness), foxy (for: foxiness), crafty (for: craftiness), crafty (for: craft)
shrewdness, astuteness, perspicacity, perspicaciousness
2. crafty artfulness (especially in deception)

II - adjective
1. attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness
- a cute kid with pigtails
- a cute little apartment
- cunning kittens
- a cunning baby
Similar to:
Derivationally related forms:
cuteness (for: cute)
2. marked by skill in deception
- cunning men often pass for wise
- deep political machinations
- a foxy scheme
- a slick evasive answer
- sly as a fox
- tricky Dick
- a wily old attorney
crafty, dodgy, foxy, guileful, knavish,
slick, sly, tricksy, tricky, wily
Similar to:
Derivationally related forms:
wile (for: wily), wiliness (for: wily), trickiness (for: tricky), trick (for: tricky), trick (for: tricksy), slyness (for: sly), slickness (for: slick), fox (for: foxy), foxiness (for: foxy), dodge (for: dodgy), craft (for: crafty), craftiness (for: crafty)
3. showing inventiveness and skill
- a clever gadget
- the cunning maneuvers leading to his success
- an ingenious solution to the problem
clever, ingenious
Similar to:
Derivationally related forms:
ingeniousness (for: ingenious), ingenuity (for: ingenious), cleverness (for: clever)

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