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see also ALCOHOL
- an alcoholic drink made from grapes: wine (noun U/C)
Shall we have wine with our meal? South African wines (= types of wine)
A large red wine (= glass of wine) , please.
- wine that has more sugar is sweet; opposite: dry
dry white wine
- pale yellow wine is called white (wine); dark red wine is called red (wine); between white and red: rosé (noun U/C)
Shall we have red wine or white? I bought a bottle of rosé for supper.
- wine that has air bubbles: sparkling wine (noun U/C)
- a strong wine, originally from Spain, that is usually drunk before a meal: sherry (noun U/C)
Would you like another sherry?
- a strong wine, originally from Portugal, that is usually drunk after a meal: port (noun U/C)
- an expensive sparkling wine from Champagne in France: champagne (noun U/C)
Everybody celebrated with a glass of champagne.
- wine which is cheap and of poor quality: (informal) plonk (noun U)
- wine that is normally served by a particular restaurant: house wine
We'll have a carafe (= a kind of bottle) of the house red.
※—† drinking wine
- a glass that you drink wine from: wineglass; a glass with wine, etc in it: glass of sth
I'll have a glass of wine.
- a bottle in which wine is sold: wine bottle; a bottle with wine, etc in it: bottle of sth
You can take your empty wine bottles to the bottle bank. We celebrated with a bottle of champagne.
- the thing which stops the wine from coming out of the bottle: cork
- to remove the cork: open sth, uncork sth
Shall I open the wine now?
- the thing that you use to take the cork out: corkscrew
- a special bar where people go to drink wine: wine bar
- a shop where wine and other alcoholic drinks can be bought: off-licence (AmE package store)
※ more on bars and pubs BAR/PUB
※—† making wine
- the fruit that wine is made from: grape
white/black grapes
- the plant on which grapes grow: vine
- an area of land where vines grow and the place where wine is made: vineyard
- an underground room where wine is kept: cellar
- when the sugar in grapes, etc turns to alcohol, it ferments; noun (U): fermentation
※—† MORE ...
- a person or a business that sells wine: wine merchant
- an event when a group of people try different wines: wine tasting
Are you going to the wine tasting this evening?
- the solid pieces at the bottom of a bottle of wine: the dregs
'Is there any wine left?' 'Just the dregs, I'm afraid.'

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