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closed [closed] BrE [kləʊzd] NAmE [kloʊzd] adjective
1. not before noun shut
Keep the door closed.
2. not before noun shut, especially of a shop/store or public building that is not open for a period of time
The museum is closed on Mondays.
This road is closed to traffic.
3. not willing to accept outside influences or new ideas
a closed society
He has a closed mind.
4. usually before noun limited to a particular group of people; not open to everyone
a closed membership
Opp: open
Idioms:behind closed doors closed book

Which Word?:
close / shut
You can close and shut doors, windows, your eyes, mouth, etc.
Shut can suggest more noise and is often found in phrases such as slammed shut, banged shut, snapped shut.
Shut is also usually used for containers such as boxes, suitcases, etc.
To talk about the time when shops, offices, etc. are not open, use close or shut: What time do the banks close/shut? A strike has shut the factory. You can also use closed or shut (NAmE usually closed): The store is closed/shut today. Especially in NAmE, shut can sound less polite.
Closed is used in front of a noun, but shut is not: a closed window.
We usually use closed about roads, airports, etc: The road is closed because of the snow.
Close is also used in formal English to talk about ending a meeting or conversation.

Example Bank:
Her eyes were half closed.
Her mouth was tightly closed.
Keep that door closed, will you?
Make sure the lid is completely closed.
She was squinting through almost closed eyes.
The building is closed for repairs.
The library will remain closed until next week.
The sun streamed through the partially closed blinds.
The valve can be adjusted from fully open to fully closed.
Twenty miles of beaches were officially closed to the public.

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