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- to leave a place or a situation that you do not want to be in: escape (from sth), get* away (from sth), run* away (from sth)
He grabbed me by the hair but I managed to escape. Once she starts talking you can't get away from her. When I was thirteen, I ran away from home.
- an act of escaping: escape
The escape took place in the middle of the night. They had a narrow escape (= they only just managed to escape).
- to watch over sb in order to prevent them from escaping: guard sb
He is being guarded night and day.
- to get out of a place where you are being held, for example a prison: break* out (of sth), get* out (of sth); noun: breakout
During the fire, several prisoners broke out. The rabbit got out of its cage in the night - somebody must have left the door open.
- to escape suddenly from sb who is holding you: break* free/away (from sb/sth), break* loose
She hit him with her handbag and managed to break free.
- to escape with something that you have stolen: get* away with sth, make* off with sth
The thieves got away with ※£1 000 in cash.
- an escape after a crime: getaway; a car, etc that criminals use to escape from a crime: getaway car, etc
to make a quick getaway Police have found the getaway car.
- to escape from a place or person by running as fast as possible: run* for your life, run* for it
I grabbed the money and ran for my life.
- to move from place to place, so that people cannot find you: be on the run
Most of the gang are still on the run.
- once you have escaped, you are free (from sb/sth)
- a place where sb who has run away from sb/sth can hide: refuge
- protection from danger: refuge (noun U)
He took refuge in the Spanish embassy.

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