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1 keeping a secret
2 telling a secret
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1 keeping a secret
- something that you do not want anybody else to know: secret
Sorry, I can't tell you - it's a secret!
- not to be told to other people: secret, (more formal) confidential
a secret organization a confidential letter This information is strictly confidential.
- very secret: top secret
a top secret document
- the state of being a secret, or not letting other people know sth: secrecy (noun U), confidentiality (noun U)
The meeting took place in complete secrecy.
- something that is done without other people knowing is done in secret, secretly
The two leaders met in secret. They met secretly every weekend for several months.
- if you are told sth, but you are not allowed to give the information to another person, you are told in (strict) confidence
I was given this information in strict confidence.
- if you have a secret which you do not tell anybody, you keep* (sth) a secret, keep* sth secret, keep* sth to yourself, keep* sth quiet
Can you keep a secret? I hope I can trust you to keep this to yourself. We kept it quiet for as long as we could.
- if you keep sth secret from a particular person, you hide* sth (from sb), keep* sth (back) from sb, conceal sth (from sb); noun (U): concealment
He managed to hide his past from her for several years. I don't trust him - I'm sure he's keeping something (back) from us. She tried to conceal her illness from the children. concealment of the facts
- to stop people from finding out about sth: hush sth up, cover (sth) up; noun: cover-up
They managed to hush up the whole affair. The government tried to cover up the mistake. The film suggests that there was a cover-up.
- the habit of keeping things secret: secretiveness (noun U); adjective: secretive
He's a very secretive person.

2 telling a secret
- to tell sb a secret on purpose: reveal sth (to sb), let* sb in on sth, let* sb into a secret, (informal) let* on (about sth)
He refused to reveal any more information. Are you going to let Vicky in on the plan? Shall I let you into a secret? Promise not to let on about it!
- to talk to sb that you trust about sth which is secret or private: confide in sb, confide sth to sb, take* sb into your confidence
I've got nobody else to confide in. She never confided her worries to me. I'm surprised he took you into his confidence so soon.
- if you know a secret, you are in on sth
Are you in on their plan?
- to tell sb a secret accidentally: let* sth out, let* sth slip, give* sth away
Who let the secret out? Chris let it slip after a few drinks. I made sure I didn't give anything away.
- to give some information away by speaking suddenly or without thinking: blurt sth out
I just blurted it out without thinking.
- to become known: come* out, leak out
The truth finally came out in court. The government didn't want the information to leak out.
- when a secret has become known, it is out
The secret is out at last!
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- to tell sb that what you are saying is a secret, you can say between you and me, between ourselves
This is just between ourselves of course.
- to avoid telling sb a secret: not breathe a word (about sth) (to sb)
Don't breathe a word about this to anyone!
- if you refuse to tell someone a secret, your lips are sealed
You can trust me - my lips are sealed!
- to make a secret public by mistake: (informal) let* the cat out of the bag

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