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I - noun
1. an exploratory oil well drilled in land not known to be an oil field (Freq. 2)
wildcat well
oil well, oiler
2. a cruelly rapacious person (Freq. 1)
beast, wolf, savage, brute
Derivationally related forms:
savage (for: savage)
attacker, aggressor, assailant, assaulter
3. any small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild (Freq. 1)
cat, true cat
sand cat, European wildcat, catamountain, Felis silvestris, cougar,
puma, catamount, mountain lion, painter, panther, Felis concolor,
ocelot, panther cat, Felis pardalis, jaguarundi, jaguarundi cat, jaguarondi,
eyra, Felis yagouaroundi, kaffir cat, caffer cat, Felis ocreata, jungle cat,
Felis chaus, serval, Felis serval, leopard cat, Felis bengalensis, tiger cat,
Felis tigrina, margay, margay cat, Felis wiedi, manul, Pallas's cat,
Felis manul, lynx
Member Holonyms:
Felis, genus Felis

II - adjective
1. outside the bounds of legitimate or ethical business practices
- wildcat currency issued by irresponsible banks
- wildcat stock speculation
- a wildcat airline
- wildcat life insurance schemes
Similar to:
2. without official authorization
- an unauthorized strike
- wildcat work stoppage
unauthorized, unauthorised
Similar to:
3. (of a mine or oil well) drilled speculatively in an area not known to be productive
- drilling there would be strictly a wildcat operation
- a wildcat mine
- wildcat drilling
- wildcat wells
Similar to:
exploratory, explorative

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